Looking for Tiny House Land Rental?

Do you LOVE the idea of tiny home living but are scared you won’t find somewhere to park it? 


Are you ready and willing to do the work but unsure how to go about it? 


Are you unsure how much you should be paying in the area you want to live?


Would you like guidance on what to discuss  with your landlord prior to making a commitment?


How about an example of a tiny home tenancy agreement? 


You’re in the right place!

Tiny Home Tiny House Land Rental

Hi! I'm Jules...

If you've ever caught yourself wondering "Where can I park my Tiny House?"

I'm here to help!

For the last 2 years I’ve been helping clients to find Tiny Home parking spaces here in Aus. 

In that time I have learnt a lot about what works, and what doesn’t….

There are many places you can look for land rental, and actions you can take in searching for your new dream home and in my experience some are much, much more fruitful than others.

In this guide I share my experiences and lessons so that hopefully your own journey is that little bit easier. 

If you want to go straight to the best sources, this guide is for you....

You get succinct instructions on how to approach your land rental search + the following extras!

Your Guide to Tiny House Land Rental

In this guide the most important things I share are:

1. WHERE to search…. There are lots of places that you CAN search for a tiny home parking space…. And I think I’ve searched pretty much all of them…. But over and over I found just two places to be the very best at producing results. (Save yourself heaps of time and skip the rest). 

2. HOW to structure your outreach… There are certain essential things that you must include in your outreach message, and you must do it in a clear and concise manner, before you lose people!

3. WHAT to look at BEFORE you commit…. Finding potential tiny home parking spots is really just the first step… once you’ve got some options on the table, you need to assess whether the property is really right for you.

Tiny home land rental

You can have all of the above for just $18.00!

This is perfect for you if:


You are confident navigating online, and you’re ready and willing to take action.

Specifically in this guide we look at:

— The Top Places to Search online for tiny house land rental (There are lots of places you can search online, but some are far more fruitful than others)

Other places you can search online (Backup options if the above don’t prove successful).

When online searches aren’t producing (Where to go and what to do when you need to take your search to the next level).

Ultimate Outreach Techniques (How to structure your outreach in the clearest most compelling way possible)

What to look for in the Ultimate Tiny Home Parking Space (The Top 7 things)

Additional things to consider (Insurance and your tiny, standard rental rates, towing your tiny, council regs, leveling, chocking, anchoring etc)

Online Tiny Home Aus Resources (My go to groups, sites and channels)

PLUS you also receive…

— Tiny Home Tenancy Agreement (The Easy way to make things official).

— Conversations to have with your potential Landlord (BEFORE you make a commitment!)

Money back guarantee

The guidance I offer is simple… but sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know… 

These are things I learnt from my own journey finding myself a parking space, and then subsequently helping clients for the last two years — I’m confident that what I have to share can help you on your search and increase your chances of finding your dream parking spot, but if you purchase this guide, read it, and feel that you haven’t learnt anything of value then I offer a 5 day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. Just email me at hello@tinyhousesaus.com.au .

The techniques I share, work...

Meet Jules....

Tiny house land rental

My tiny house journey began towards the end of 2020 when I began working with a builder, designing my dream home — through email — amidst the first big lockdowns!

It took 5 months to design the house through email discussions, another 6 months for my builder  to build the shell and then another 12 months for me to deck it out internally. 

Along the way I learnt many skills, became extremely frustrated and ultimately ended up with an amazing place to call my own!

Whilst still a build site, the house was initially parked in a friend’s horse arena but had to be relocated with very short notice when they got a horse just 3 days before Christmas in 2021. From there my search for a parking space — trial by fire — began! I had to pull out all the stops to find something as soon as possible and was incredibly blessed and delighted to be inundated with opportunities. From there I took my new found lessons and began helping others to find their own parking spaces. 

Over time I refined my processes and now that I’ve turned my time and attention to other endeavours I wanted to put all this info into a guide so that others can benefit from my experience and learnings. 

You can get the guide here. 

You can contact me at hello@tinyhousesaus.com.au

You can also check out our current tiny house land rental property listings here. Most of these get snapped up pretty quickly which is why most people have to go out and proactively find their own… but you might get lucky!