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Your Guide to Going Tiny in Aus

Concerned you’ll have no-where to park your tiny house?


Get our informative guide on how to approach your search in the most effective way possible:  The Ultimate Guide to Finding a Tiny House Parking Space. 

Tiny House Land Rental Guide

How to Build a Tiny House


Unsure whether to buy a new tiny house direct from a builder, whether to buy a pre-loved tiny house, or whether to (gulp) attempt a DIY tiny house build? Check out our article on the pros and cons of each of these options to help you make your decision.


You can also dive deeper into each of these options with:

— choosing tiny house builder in Australia
— choosing a pre-loved tiny house in Australia
— Where Can I get Tiny House Plans in Australia?
— Love the idea of a Tiny House Build but have Zero Experience?

Looking for something else?

Check out our DIY Resources List — Learn from those who have gone before you! (Australia specific as regulations and practices differ from country to country)

Next up…. Financing your tiny house in Aus! Gone are the days where you need to have your own funds saved up in order to be able to fund a tiny. Whilst this is still a very attractive option when viable (hello zero mortgage!!), it’s not possible for everyone. If you’d like to explore other options, check out our article on financing your tiny house in Aus.

It is also well worth consiering the Top Tiny House Insurance Companies in Australia.

Also check out our Tiny House FAQ and Resources Page.

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Essential Tips and Resources for your Tiny House Journey

There are so many benefits to going Tiny!


Tiny houses cost far less than mainstream house and land options (especially here in Aus!).


Tiny houses liberate you to live your life. With reduced/non-existent mortgage costs, your lifestyle costs less and this means you have more money to spend on the things you truly value in life.

Tiny houses on wheels (THOW) are transportable! Want to live somewhere new? No problem! Just take your home with you.

Tiny houses allow you to reduce your environmental impact. At both the build stage, and on an ongoing basis, tiny houses require less resources which is great for our beautiful planet, and for your wallet!

 Tiny houses are a hugely popular option on sites like Airbnb, tinyaway, list other sties etc…. So even if your life circumstances change, you will have an asset that you can rent out to others or list for sale.